Tee of the day/week sites

I have a weakness for the craze for cheap pop culture tees, and dayoftheshirt.com is both my friend and my nemesis. Short reviews of the sites I’ve bought tees from.

Woot – Wonderful, well printed shirts, well priced, shipped fast. Will not take my money and the error message doesn’t specify why. I have to use someone else’s card to order.

Nowhere Bad – Well printed beautiful shirt, but they lied to me about my shirt’s failure to ship; it helps if after you return my email about not having received a shirt within a reasonable time and claim that there was a delay in printing, I don’t immediately get a shipping notice. Conveniently timed delay, that.

Unamee – Competitive pricing, fast shipping, not incredibly impressed with the printing, but still overall happy with the shirt. Will need to wash this shirt in with the delicates.

Teefury – Well printed, fast shipping, competitive pricing.

Ript Apparel – Well printed, fast shipping, competitive pricing.

6 Dollar Shirts – I figured that at 6 bucks, a shirt I bought (specifically to wear to an event with an underbust corset) only had to survive a few washings to be worth it. Turns out it’s actually quite well printed for the cost, and the shipping was as fast as anyone.

Threadless – I’m not crazy about their business model or their prices compared to other sites, but the shirts are quality, shipping is fast.