A New Recreation to Channel All This Energy

The blog posts about “The Mind of a Domme” always make me cackle, partially self-deprecatingly.

Sometimes when KillBoy asks me what my plans for a scene are, you can practically hear the gears grinding to a halt. It’s just that “Um, hit you with things and uh, stuff. Maybe butt plugs. IDK.” isn’t all that sexy? I like to keep it loose and go with whatever I’m feeling like at that exact time.

Of course, when I do think about the next scene it runs a little more like this: “He’s gotten really sassy with the terrible puns lately, so I think I’ll pull out the paddles soon. Especially those light little ones he really hates… man the opening to this remix of “World in My Eyes” really makes me think I’m about to hear “Touch Me (All Night Long)”. That would make a really great mashup if someone did it well! Wow, it’s been a long time since that song was on the radio, hasn’t it? I wonder what Cathy Dennis is doing these days? I’ll have to google her when I get home.”

As it turns out, she’s doing just fine. I had no idea she co-wrote the Britney Spears song “Toxic.” Also, I have firm plans to hit KillBoy with things, and use butt plugs.


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