Excitate Vos E Somno, Liberi Fatali

I am a giant nerd. Not because I’m a vast compendium of knowledge about a STEM subject, or a particular brand of geeky pop culture (both of those things are more descriptive of KillBoy), but because of the nerdy things I love. I don’t pretend that I like them for any high minded reasons and I don’t feel the need to excuse them as guilty pleasures. I am very much not at all a fan of the idea of enjoying things “ironically”… what kind of sneering asshole or insecure jackass does that?

Media that is both well put together and makes me think is appreciated, but I’m not about to pretend that everything I enjoy is somehow intellectually oriented. Though as a side note, none of it is beyond criticism. Sometimes I have to wince my way through bits of media that are more full of prejudiced content than a Hot Topic has Nightmare Before Christmas branded merchandise before I can get back to enjoying it. On the other hand, I thoroughly enjoyed all the things about Rogue One and Fury Road that make brodudes on Twitter mad.

Sometimes I just want to shoot radscorpions, read romance novels in which the heroine is skilled in elemental based magic, watch Hellraiser for the nth time, or drive my darling property up the wall by demanding he stat out a housecat sized dragon character for me to play in our tabletop game merely because the whim took me. My favorite JRPG is Breath of Fire III. While the game is better than, say, Paper Mario, on thematic content that’s deeper than just saving the world/princess/MacGuffin, it’s mostly just fun. There’s fishing! You can turn into a dragon! There’s a bunny girl scientist and an animate onion! It’s weird as shit, brightly colored, and the soundtrack is jazzy and fun.

While I’d be happy to go to an opera and hit up a stage musical not too long ago, I’m the kind of broad who would be more impressed by an invite to a symphonic performance of the work of Nobuo Uematsu.

I don’t think that nerdery makes me particularly unusual: geekiness has become a mainstream thing as a wide swath of the population now plays some form of video games (candy crush doesn’t exactly use a deck of cards), a ridiculous amount of money and star power gets poured into blockbuster comic book movies (MCU 4 lyfe!) and an astrophysicist (Neil DeGrasse Tyson) has 6.5 million twitter followers

Right now I’m going through a serious bout of PS1 nostalgia and listening to various game OSTs on YouTube. It’s actually led me to remember a few games I haven’t thought of in years, like Azure Dreams and Legend of Legaia. The former ended up being so damaged by a bad removal of dating sim aspects that it literally had no ending, but I’ve put as many hours into playing with the monster tower as any game. The latter was incredibly hideous visually, even by the standards of the day, but had one of the most fun, interesting combat systems of the day in its genre. These are good memories for me, even if they haven’t always aged well.

Screw the the roses and the thorns. Just give me a footrub and be able to debate me on which Final Fantasy game was the best and don’t touch my dice or GTFO.



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