Fun Factory Amor

Toy review! Why? Because I’ve got half finished drafts and this seemed like a way to publish something!

Wait, no, that sounds terrible. Pretend you didn’t see that.

I actually love sex toys and have strong opinions about them. One of my big frustrations can be getting appropriate information about whether a toy will work for me. Obviously, every person’s body is different, but sometimes reading that a vibrator is pretty as the bulk of a product description when I want to know if the vibrations are stronger than a sneeze makes me cranky. I’ve done a lot of reading of other great reviewers who have helped me pick toys or companies to buy from, and I’d love to give the same back to other people.

So, here we go: Fun Factory Amor.

The Amor is a attractively designed toy, and while it comes in the traditional dildo pink, you can also pick it up in black(!) or bright orange(!!).  I managed to snag the limited edition rainbow version from Babeland, but it looks like they no longer have any available.

The manufacturer listed dimensions are 5″ long (the base is an additional 1/2 in) and 1/4″ diameter, which my measuring tape tells me matches the actual toy I have.

It’s made of silicone, and this is where things get interesting. Different formulations of silicone can be made in different firmnesses and textures, and the Amor is both what I would guess to be a medium firmness, as well as a matte texture. While silicone is known for a feeling of “drag”, when I run my finger over the Amor and pay attention, it feels pebbly, almost like it needs dust rinsed off it. It also seems like it disperses lube much faster than our other silicone toys. Used as a hand toy on boy, it didn’t take long for him to throw in the towel, as we kept adding lube and it still felt rough to him.

After a thorough cleaning, I’ve since taken it as a toy for myself. The length is perfect for me, as I hate having my cervix slammed, I personally don’t mind or even really notice the texture and generally don’t need lube during solo masturbation. It’s also a good girth for me, easy to take without warmup, but not so small as to wonder why I bothered. It has a good flex, without feeling squishy and generally stays put if I’m not moving it.

It does have a base to make it harnessable, but when we tried to use it for anal strapped-on, it had a little too much flex and too blunt a head for this particular pair of then-noobs to really make it work without contortions and/or pain. The base does seem to function decently as a lightweight suction cup.  While I can’t claim to have actually done any real testing of that, I do tend to wash it in the shower where it ends up stuck to the wall until after I’ve toweled off.

The breakdown is that if you’re new to buying silicone dildos, I might suggest something from Tantus for the glossier texture, but if you know that you won’t mind a little more texture and you prefer less length with decent girth, it’s a good toy. The manufacturer prices it at 39.99, but my favorite online sex toy shop, SheVibe, matches that price and occasionally has coupons and sales that might apply to it.


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